About us and CityPlace/Rosemary square

I specialize in short-term rental apartments in West Palm Beach downtown known as "CityPlace" or "Rosemary square" for over 5 years. Our address is 720 S. Sapodilla ave. West Palm Beach, FL, 33401.
I have been living in CityPlace for over 20 years with my family. It is a very convenient and safe location. You do not need a car, because you can walk everywhere from here: grocery store, restaurants, beach, etc.

Jim Durante
CityPlace (now renamed Rosemary Square) is a relatively new lifestyle center with over 60 restaurants, shops, and rental apartments in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida. It has been built in 2000 by Related Group. The size of it is 600,000.

It is an extremely popular place for short-term vacation rentals. Some of the homeowner associations require 3-6 months' stay. Just two of them allow to rent apartments for 30 days and more (The Courtyards in CityPlace Condominium Association and Prado). The walkability of the CityPlace makes it an extremely attractive rental apartment for Snowbirds during the winter season. Rental seasons start on January 1 and end on March 31st. Usually, people who stay in West Palm Beach for one each tend to leave a security deposit for next year at the time they check out. You most likely will not find any available short-term rental apartment 6-9 months before the season.

During February and March, West Palm Beach is a spring training home for Houston Astro and Washington D.C. National major baseball league teams. CityPlace is just 5 miles away from the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches.

CityPlace is just 7 minutes away from West Palm Beach airport, 40 minutes away from Fort-Lauderdale airport, and one hour from Miami airport, which makes it a perfect spot to fly almost anywhere in the world. There is a direct train (TriRail https://www.tri-rail.com/ ) from Miami airport terminal coming to CityPlace. It takes 2 hours and costs a $7 adult one-way ticket.

From Miami downtown, you can hop on the modern speed train "Brighline" https://www.gobrightline.com/homepage which gets you to West Palm Beach in less than an hour.

If you are staying in the Courtyards in CityPlace, you do not need a car: grocery store is 500 feet away, restaurants are 100 feet away, tennis court, Howard park, intercoastal, beach, lake trail, etc.

the Courtyards of Cityplace is half a mile from the eldest street of West Palm Beach-Clematis. Clematis has another 30-40 restaurants, clubs, and shops. There is a trolleybus circling downtown from CityPlace to Clematis.